Cloud cost forecasting: FP&A’s new headache?

Cloud Cost forecasting: FP&A’s new headache Even after 4 years, we are still trying to figure out how to predict cloud costs in our SaaS company. Akhil Vijay Director, FP&A During the pandemic, Companies have made a major shift toward...


AI usecase: Account Receivables

Use A.I to forecast Account receivables This blog explains how FP&A can utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make a data-driven forecast of Account Receivables by examining historical invoices and payment data. Account Receivables play a critical part in a company’s...

FPA, finance myths

Myths of A.I in corporate finance

Exploring Myths of A.I in Finance & Debunking them In finance, we always thought A.I is a black box and its hard to build trust and consensus on the results produced. Kari Ginwet VP-Finance As companies just started to embrace...

A.I usecase: People cost forecasting

USING MACHINE LEARNING FOR FORECASTING PEOPLE COST “People’s expenses forecasting is one of our biggest pain points every month in our finance process. We perform a bottoms up approach which takes a lot of effort from our team” Jonathan FP&A...

How to Get Started with Machine Learning in FP&A?

Pointers to Data, Granularity, Models and accuracy

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